Vehicle tracking Solutions are in booming demand in the global market. The rapid evolution of technology in the vehicle industry is attributed to the rising demand for fleet telematics in the logistics and food industries. To deliver food at our doorsteps, do all kinds of shopping with just a click and also track the location of our orders; a GPS Vehicle Tracker or Latest Vehicle Tracking System is inherent. The use of fleet has also grown immensely to make all such advancements possible.


Being a leader in Software and App development, we have experience of developing more than 15 Fleet Management (transportation app development )and Vehicle Tracking Apps. To enlighten our customers more about our overall experience in the field, given below is a detailed Blog. To get an awesome Vehicle Tracking Solution for your business, you can contact us



What Is a Vehicle Tracking System?


A GPS vehicle tracking system or software solution is a technology that tracks the online location of any Fleet vehicles and collects this information in the fleet management software for later use. Best Vehicle tracking systems also record the overall history of the vehicle such as speeds, the routes they follow, fuel consumption, starting and stopping points, idle times on maps, rash driving. We can see this information live on our smartphone or laptops.

The Vehicle Tracking System uses GPS Technology to track the online data of the vehicles. A GPS device is introduced inside the vehicles and the gadget gathers and stores vehicle information of various sorts in the Fleet Tracking Software for later use by the organizations. The data can be available in the form of an app or a downloadable PDF or Excel File.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation technology that uses four or more satellites to track live information of the Fleet. A Vehicle Tracking System is also known as a GPS Tracking System.

Which Industries Need a Vehicle Tracking Solution?

Logistics App Development:

Logistics App Development:

Logistics Mobile app development majorly include the transportation of resources from one place to another. The main concern for a logistics business is to keep a live track of each vehicle’s position. With the GPS Tracking Device installed in the vehicles, Fleet Managers can track their routes and can also get alerts in case of any mishaps or delays.

Food Delivery App development:

All of us must have once taken advantage of a 30- minute delivery offer of Pizza. This has been one of the most popular services ever. Nowadays, we have Swiggy, Zomato, and many more food Delivery Apps. These by developing this food delivery apps track the live location of the delivery boys for faster and apt delivery.

Construction Vehicle Tracking apps development:

Likewise Logistics & Transportation Solutions, Construction Companies deal with heavy vehicles that also transport heavy construction material from one place to another. In such cases, chances of accidents and mishaps are quite frequent. To avoid such situations or to reach help on time, GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are inherent to track the live locations of the fleet.

Cab Aggregators and Vehicle Rentals:

Trending Taxi Booking Apps are gaining much popularity. A smartphone with GPS Navigation is a common and mandatory feature of a Cab. In order to track the customer’s exact destination, find the shortest and low traffic route Cab Drivers use GPS.

To keep a track of each Cab or Taxi, enterprises use GPS Fleet Tracking Software. The Software also tracks any idling or unauthorized use of Vehicles by drivers.

On demand Delivery services:

All the online shopping websites provide the facility of tracking our orders online and stay updated regarding the online delivery of our order like on what date it will be delivered, on what date it was dispatched, and other information. Likewise, the organization keeps the track of the location of the package using on demand delivery solutions

Educational Institutes- School Bus Tracking Software

School Buses or Taxis have installed GPS tracking devices to ensure the safety of thousands of school children. The School bus Vehicle Tracking system, allows Parents as well as school authorities to stay updated on the live location of the bus or taxi. The school bus tracking software ( School Bus Management apps) also records the number of students on board the bus.


With Pharmaceutical drugs, a few factors need to be taken care of. Some drugs need to be kept at a certain temperature; on-time delivery is also a must to make the drugs available on time. Considering all these factors, Pharmaceutical companies also educate drivers on these factors and maintain speed accordingly for a safer delivery. The route and live location of trucks can be tracked with Vehicle Tracking Solution.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Solution?


Fuel Cost Reduction: With data available on best and short routes, Fuel Consumption lessens. Drivers are educated to use low traffic routes, use the shortest route for service or delivery to ensure faster and on-time service. Moreover, unauthorized activities such as idling of engine, illegitimate use of company vehicles by drivers for personal use can also be tracked and dealt with.

Superior customer service: The details of customers and their locations are maintained in a Customer-friendly database. The data can be used in case of any emergent service or delivery. The nearest vehicle can be sent for speedy delivery. This improves productivity and service efficiency. Customers can also track the location of their order.

Employee Safety and Satisfaction: With track of the live location of the drivers and the Fleet, calls asking the drivers about their location are eliminated avoiding driver distractions also ensuring safety.

With available data on low traffic and safe roads, chances of accidents and mishaps are avoided to a great extent. In case of any mishap, help can easily reach the driver tracking the Vehicles’ location.

Save on insurance costs. Insurance companies offer around 30% -35% discounts if the fleet is equipped with GPS tracking systems. Insurance aids recovery of money in case of accidents.

Better Fleet Management. The GPS Tracking also comes with a predictive maintenance feature to track the amount of usage of vehicles, their maintenance, and average life longevity and also records all this information whenever a vehicle is serviced.

The Vehicle tracking management software then generates alerts and notifications such as routine oil changes or tire rotations before a vehicle is due for maintenance, thus avoiding breakdowns in the middle of an operation.

Features of a Vehicle Tracking Solution:

1. Real-time Location:

Location tracking is the foundation of Fleet Tracking Systems. The need to track live locations of Fleet paved the way for the establishment of Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Real-Time Location of Fleet and drivers enables the safety of drivers, faster and optimized services and delivery, tracking the nearest locations. This leads to improved ROI.

Many Fleet tracking systems are not “real-time” solutions. Some companies only offer “periodic data” every two minutes, or three minutes. Some providers even charge more for faster updates, in their tiered offers.

So, It’s vital for you to decide whether your business requires actual real-time data, or periodic data is enough. Vehicle Tracking Software can be updated to get real-time solutions. In cases of anti-theft—every single second matter. We can provide the best GPS Tracking Software showing Real-Time data.

2. Alerts:

Efficient Management can be achieved without constant Monitoring with the Customizable Alerts feature. Customized alerts can be created to trigger email or text messages for any kind of unauthorized fleet activity, including aggressive driving and excessive idling.

Common Alerts:
  • Start of day alert
  • Landmark Arrivals and Departures
  • Route Deviation and excessive stoppage alert
  • Possible Theft or Unauthorized Movement
  • Tampering Alert
  • Receiving real-time notifications regarding driving behavior to vehicle diagnostics reduces risk and improves efficiency.
 3. Driver ID:

The Fleet and associated Driver data are linked in the Driver Monitoring System. The data of the Fleet can be accessed by just entering the Driver’s ID in the system. This feature is perfect to manage a pool of vehicles and types of equipment.

4. Driving History and Coaching:

A track record of all the vehicles, drivers, and customers are maintained in the Electronic Logbook application. Electronic Logbook allows access to current information about driver availability and reporting. Such as duty status, driving time, and remaining hours of service.

COACHING: Drivers are automatically notified of a driving policy breach with in-cab audible alerts. This helps drivers to improve driving habits and manage safe driving policies.

5. SOS Features:  

Many Fleet Tracking Apps embed SOS feature in the wake of increasing crime and robbery rates. This feature enables a button which on pressing immediately sends an alert to the nearest police station and to pre-defined emergency contacts.

6. Fleet Summary Report:

Fleet Tracking Apps

One can check the activity status of entire fleet reports or of an individual vehicle in Fleet Summary Feature. The Report maintains route details, pickups, drop-offs, fuel consumption, ongoing, completed, and scheduled deliveries. The data is shown with graphs and charts to provide deeper business insights complementing existing enterprise software systems. Integrated Reporting improves Business Intelligence.

7. In-App Chat:

In case of any emergency, any instructions or information can be sent to drivers using the in-app chat functionality.  It helps to stay connected.

8. In-Cab Video Camera System:

In-vehicle cameras give you the ability to ride along with your drivers with Live- captured Videos. It visually records and captures critical driving events improving the overall safety of your fleet.

In-vehicle cameras provide key features such as :

  • Stand-alone and Cloud-based Capture
  • Forward and optional Driver Facing Camera
9. Advanced Light-Duty Vehicle Diagnostics:

With this feature, you can tap into your vehicle’s internal computer and harness the information usually hidden by vehicles with No Additional Hardware or Installation Required.

It translates Manufacturer Codes and Reveals Advanced Vehicle Data such as Seatbelt and Airbag Status and Alert ensuring advanced safety.

Additional Features:

Difference Between Custom and Ready-made Vehicle Tracking Solution:

Specifically designed for your business needs. Designed for general purposes.
Satisfies all your transport and fleet analysis requirements. Some features may be missing hindering total solutions .
One-time investment Need to buy monthly or annual subscriptions.
Affordable in the longer run Expensive for long time use.
Easily scalable and customizable Not scalable.

Cost of a Vehicle Tracking App:

The Cost of developing a fleet management solution depends on a number of factors, specific features, and the complexity of the App. The platform of the App like

Android, iOS, Web also impact the overall cost.

There is a simple formula used to calculate the average cost of a vehicle tracking solution:

Developer’s Hourly Charge X Time Taken to Develop the Platform = Total Development Charge 

Suppose an app development company takes around 429 hours to develop a vehicle tracking app and charges $40 per hour then according to the formula, $40 X 429= $17160. The average cost of developing an app or vehicle tracking solution is around $17000.

A location tracking app similar to Uber approximately requires 750 hours on Android and 700 hours on iOS. Website creation takes about 450 hours.

Additional features can be added with an extra cost like Speed Data analysis, Calendar view of driver’s schedule, and managing drivers into white label vehicle tracking solutions.

Below are some of the best GPS tracking apps:
  • Google MapsWaze
  • Geo Tracker
  • Safe
  • GPS Route Finder


With Location tracking application enterprises have full control over their Fleet. With live monitoring of staff and vehicles, business owners are well enabled to streamline their business processes. This has paved the way for the establishment of many new businesses and services.

I hope that this blog will be helpful for you in choosing the right Vehicle tracking App development solutions for your business. Let’s us  know if you need more guidance and support.