We live in a digital era where things change rapidly and suddenly. Whether it is Movers and packers, education, finance, property, healthcare, manufacturing etc. These industries have witness changes in their working pattern. Even the movers and packer’s industry may also witness a huge change in the coming future. According to sources thousands of people migrate from one place to other with all their belongings. In 2016 almost 40 million people translocated in USA which gave a whopping $16 billion hike to the industry. If you want to invest in movers and packer’s business than there a lot of scopes ahead in future.

Here is some statistics of household goods transferred in USA from 2011-2023 through this industry

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As you can see the revenue will move to $17.13 billion by the year 2023. With growing competition and more and more investors in this industry you need to provide the customers with unique services in order to be more successful than others. In today’s digital world offering an mobile application is the best way to provide exceptional service.

If you want attract more and more customers and give them extraordinary service then mobile application is the answer to all your questions. But how? investing in packers and mover’s app development enhances your services, and gives your packers and movers business an unprecedented growth.

Here is the list of some largest companies by fleet size in USA working in this industry:

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How to develop Movers and packer’s mobile app?

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There are some crucial Points which you need to remember for making an error free and customer friendly mobile application

Your ideas:
First and the foremost thing before getting towards mobile app development is getting a clear idea about your basic goals and organization goals. You should have the exact idea about why do you want a mobile application.
For that, you need to analyze your business goals, and should link it with the needs of your customers. You need to analyze what your users need, what are their issues, and how your app can solve all those issues in an efficient way. For instance, you could ask them how often they relocate, or what type of service they use for transporting their goods, and essentials. Furthermore, you can even ask them if they use any certain movers and packer’s app, and if yes, then what all features they like in that app.
Having all the knowledge about your target user can help you to create an effective mobile app, and can even streamline your packers and mover’s app development process.

Important features for mobile app development:

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Deciding features for the mobile app or software app is the most difficult task as it will decide whether your app will be successful or not. Well to make your work easier, here is the list of some basic features one must add in their application.

Customers Panel:
⦁ Social Sign-up/Login
⦁ View/Edit Profile
⦁ In-app Communication
⦁ In-app Video Calling
⦁ Service Request
⦁ Acceptance Notification
⦁ GPS/Manual Location
⦁ Digital Payment Options
⦁ Order History
⦁ Track Drivers/Vehicles
⦁ Review and Ratings
⦁ Fare Calculator
⦁ Schedule Transportation
⦁ Real-time Alerts

Admin Panel:
⦁ Intuitive Dashboard
⦁ Driver Management
⦁ User Management
⦁ Vehicle Tracking
⦁ Delivery Management
⦁ Payment Information
⦁ Accept/Reject Requests
⦁ Task Assignments
⦁ Business Reports
⦁ Customer Service
⦁ Total Earnings
⦁ Add/Remove/Block Drivers

Agency Panel:
⦁ Sign-up/Login
⦁ View and Edit Profile
⦁ In-app Communication
⦁ In-app Camera
⦁ Order History
⦁ Change Availability
⦁ Request Management
⦁ Accept/Reject Orders
⦁ Receive Payments
⦁ Rate and Review Customers
⦁ Accept/Reject Tasks by Admins
⦁ Total Earning Reports

Advanced features:

Besides all the basic features mentioned above, one must include advanced features to make it more effective for the users. So, below mentioned are some advanced features which will you reach new heights of success:

In-app Chat
In-app chat feature enables your users and service provider to communicate with each other through text messages. That further helps to smoothen the gap between the user and agency and also helps in accurate cost estimation.

Goods Insurance
Goods insurance covers all the assets that are being shipped from one place to another. A third-party app is integrated with the deliverables to enable the service provider view all the products of the shipment. Furthermore, the damages that are covered under Goods Insurance is cyber risks, general liabilities, damages during transit, etc.

CRM Integration
CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an additional and effective system that can help your service provider channelize all their marketing efforts. You can include that feature in your packers and mover’s app to help your service providers get all the reports and analytics of their services under one screen.

Vehicle Performance Analytics
Based on the fuel measure and other features of each vehicle, this feature provides substantial information over the vehicle’s performance. You can even get insights over whether the vehicle needs a service or not, and saves the maintenance records of the vehicle as well. 

Real-time Tracking
Real-time tracking is one of the most beneficial features for today’s modern customers. Through this robust feature, the customer can accurately track the location of the delivery vehicle using the packers and movers mobile app.

Cost Evaluation
Cost evaluation provides a precise cost of delivery before the deal is finalized so that the customers can know what they have to pay to get their parcel delivered.

Marketing Tools
Include the marketing tools in your packers and mover’s app to enhance your marketing efforts and to effectively manage marketing campaigns. The feature offers exceptional analytics, and management facilities for tracking the campaigns using a few clicks.

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs are equally important for your business as providing great features. The loyalty program feature can be run by your or your service provider to attract more users. It comprises different discount and coupon codes for valuable customers.

Ad Management
Last but not least is ad management. This amazing feature helps you to get real-time information on your active ad campaigns and also suggest ways to enhance your promotional activities.

Hire a dedicated development team:
Once you decide on the features and the advance features for your mobile application, it is time to go for a good development team. You need to have team which is experienced and can convert your ideas into reality. You would need front-end, back-end, testers designers etc. for your mobile app development. You can either have an inhouse team for development or you can outsource the development part.

Although both the options have their significant perks, outsourcing developers is often considered a wise decision. That’s because of the vast capabilities of the experienced developers in solving your app development related issues. Besides that, they can even give you some-out-of-the-box ideas to build success for your packers and movers app in the global market

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Test and deploy:
The final step is to test and deploy your packers and mover’s app on the global platform. Now, here you need to remember one thing – to test your app in and out to ensure that it functions properly. Remember that once your app is out for the users, no error can be improved, and if done, then it can hamper your brand value.

Important things to keep in mind before investing in mobile app development

Custom development:
We all know that there are a lot of white- label app clone scripts in the market but it only focuses on common problems that target common people in the business and does not solve the problems of the organization. Custom software will solve all the issues and make your mobile application perfect for both the company as well as the people. There a lot of advantages if you go with custom software. You can have customized features as per your need, it is majorly focused on your business. and has the capability to solve every issue relating to your user. The only issues is that it more expensive than the readymade app clone scripts.

Technology stack:
selecting perfect technologies from those hundreds of technologies might seem a tedious task, also, one would not want to develop a packers and movers mobile app that gets outdated after one year! Hence, you need to consult an experienced software engineering firm, to get an idea of the perfect technology stack that can make your packers and movers app a hit amongst your users.

Going with a good Software Firm will change your business to next level and one can get to success very easily. Various technology that can make you hit globally are:

⦁ Mobile Platform – Android, iOS, Cross-Platform
⦁ Real-Time Analytics – IBM, AppleFlink, Bigdata, Cisco, Hadoop
⦁ Database – Postgres, HBase, MailChimp Integration, MongoDB
⦁ Payments – e-Wallets, PayPal, Stripe. Braintree
⦁ Voice Message/Phone Verification – Twilio, Nexmo
⦁ Push Notifications – Twilio, Push.io
⦁ Cloud Environment – Azure, Google, AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Security has always been a great concern and still tops the list. Whether you have included reliable codes, and have even tested your packer and mover’s app, you need to invest in trustworthy security systems. In this digital age, nothing is safe, so remember to include all the necessary security tools and systems in your packers and mover’s application.

How much does mover’s and packer’s app development cost?

The costing also depends on a lot of factors, lets discuss the main factors:

Managerial Cost:
There are certain times when you will be needing consultations over your project development. Furthermore, a project manager will also be needed to ensure smooth packers and movers app development. All those costs will be included under managerial cost.

Development cost:
The development cost is the charges taken by the developer which will included in the development cost section. It will depend on what you choose, either readymade app clone scripts or custom development

UI & UX Cost:
You need to invest in UI&UX to ensure that the customers get good experience of your mobile application.

The costing of this sector is totally dependent upon you, it depends on how customization you are looking for.

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Now that you have known the entire process of the movers and packer’s app development, if you have any unique idea for this sector than you should meet a good software developer and get your unique idea into action. This sector has a bright future and it is the right time to enter it.