Taxi dispatch software is the most important software for entrepreneurs who are running an online taxi booking service business. It is the system to help entrepreneurs to manage easily and efficiently their online taxi booking business.


What is a taxi dispatch software?

According to Statista, the revenue of the ride-hailing and taxi service business is approximately to reach $260159 million in 2021.

So if you are in the taxi service and ride-hailing business, you must need software to run your business automatically and in an effective way.

The taxi dispatch software is an advanced system that is generally used for taxi app development companies.

It is the best way to allocating to the driver who is registered with the software application.

In this advanced system, customers are mapped with the cab driver for the traveling from pick up point to destination point.


What is the flow of taxi dispatch software?

Now let’s understand the flow of taxi dispatch software.

  • At first, the customer can request a taxi driver for the trip.
  • A driver will receive the request who is in the passenger’s area or in the zone of the passenger which will be assigned.
  • There are three types of apps in this software:
    1.     Passenger app
    2.     Driver app
    3.     Admin panel app

Well, generally taxi dispatch software is moving around these three applications.

Now let’s understand how these applications work and what is their features.


Passenger application

It’s good to hear that the passenger application is very easy to use for passengers.

We did not predict that the customer is user-friendly with a mobile device or not.

The front end of this application is very easy to operate therefore passengers can book taxis in a very simple and easy way. 

Passenger application features

Now, let’s see the features you must need in your passenger application of taxi dispatch software.

  • Quick sign up and log in

Make easy and quick sign up for your passenger will make them easy to use.

After the sign-up process passengers can quickly login in-app.

  • Passenger profile

A passenger profile is a place where passengers can add/edit their information at any time.

  • Multiple language support

If your business is running out of your country, then you must include multiple language support in your app for better engagement and interaction with passengers.

  • Add favorite destination

This feature allows passengers to add any place as a favorite destination like home or office as a favorite destination.

  • Ride scheduling

Scheduling ride in advance is a little bit advanced feature. Using this feature passengers can book their ride in advance which is help them to no wait longer time.

  • Ride now

Ride now is the better option for those passengers who want to ride at the present.

  • Fare calculation

This feature show passenger to the estimated cost for their trip between pick point and destination point.

  • Multiple payment method support

Multiple payment methods will be integrated into passenger accounts.

It will help them to make payments based on their comfort like cash delivery, online payment, credit/debit card, etc.

  • Notifications

Passengers can get notifications about updates, accepted or declined requests, etc.

  • Promo codes and discounts

This function allows passengers to get promo codes and discounts for their rides.

Discount and promo code both will be shown in the starting phase before the booking.

  • Refer someone and earn

Passenger can refer their referral code to someone and get an amazing reward for them.

It will be on the discount for the ride or coupon codes.

  • Canceling the booking

Passenger can cancel their booking in specific time because some cab booking company charges to the passenger when they cancel booking after a specific time.

So, if passengers want to cancel a booking, then they must finish that process at a specific time either they will be charged.

  • Show driver details

Passengers can see the driver’s details after confirming the ride.

The passenger can see the driver’s phone number, car details, driver’s trip ratings, etc.

  • Driver rating

Every driver will be assigned a rating based on the provided service which will also be shown by the passenger and admin both.

  • Ride history

Passengers can see every completed ride after successful rides.

  • Help and support

This is the crucial feature for every cab booking companies to include in the passenger application.

It will include FAQs and other help support features like how to use an app, how to book a ride/how to cancel the ride, etc.


Driver application

The driver application, which is built to help both driver and passenger.

When any taxi has been booked from the driver, this application will be responsible to send an immediate response to the passenger.

Using taxi dispatch software, There is no chance of miscommunication between the driver and the passenger.

The main responsibility of the taxi dispatch software is to not assign the same task to the different drivers.

If it will be done, then there will be a problem with the code of the software.

The same task assigned to the different drivers leads to inconvenience and reduces the trust and image of the company.

So, the solution is to provide a unique username and password to every driver for login in the dispatch software which is easy to analyze and track.

Now, let’s see some features of the driver application.


Driver application features

  • Quick sign up & login

Make this task easy for the driver to quickly sign via just entering email id/phone number by entering the verification code sent in their email id/phone number.

  • Driver profile

Using this feature, the driver can add their details in profile like phone number, email id, vehicle details, bank details, etc.

  • Accept/decline ride

This feature allows the driver to either accept or decline requests which are come from the passengers.

  • Pick up location

The driver can see the passenger’s pick-up location after accepting the request.

  • Push notification

This facility keeps the driver updated about the rides.

  • Start and end the ride

By clicking this button, the driver can record the whole ride.

  • Online/offline status

The driver can change their online/offline status of availability at any time according to their comfort/time.

  • Live request

This feature shows the driver about the live requests.

This feature is used in the present ride request but not in the booking.

  • Navigation

This functionality ensures that the driver is on the right path or not. It will also helpful to the driver.

  • Contact information

Contact information of the passenger is shown to the driver when the request is accepted.

The driver can call them directly through the app when they have a problem finding the passenger’s location.

  • Ride summary

A ride summary for drivers is available once they complete the ride for future references.

  • Live location

Live location is the main feature in the taxi dispatch software and useful for both passengers and drivers.

This feature helps to prevent fraudulent moves.

  • Customer rating

Customers can easily rate the service provider by the driver during the ride.

  • Switching cab categories

Every driver is assigned based on the rating of service providers and the behavior displayed.

The driver can also switch through the cab categories which are available for better services.


Admin panel application

It is the place where an admin has full of access to the system.

Admin can watch all over activities behind the system at a single place.

It has access to monitor overall performance which is provided with the dashboard to manage the system without any flaws.


Admin panel features

  • Dispatcher panel

It is an easy and effective way to interact with the dispatcher panel to make the management of the system smoothly and east.

  • 360 live dashboard

This feature allows the admin to access and handle to live and active dashboard without any glitches.

  • Protected login

It is most important to log in safely in the dashboard to manage admin activities and management functions.

  • Manage cab owners

Admin can manage cab owners for smooth cab services.

  • Manage cab drivers

Admin can manage the cab drivers at one place to ensure better rides for passengers.

  • Create rides

Admin can create rides manually from the admin panel which is part of active customer services.

  • Customer details

Admin panel shows customer details to admin to provide personalized services.

  • Fixed tariff

Admin has access to fix the tariff details based on certain predetermined parameters.

  • Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is generally for drivers which are capping the geological area which is to prevent disputes among the drivers.

  • Cab management

Admin can manage the cabs through the admin panel to ensure that basic quality and facilities for passengers.

  • Real-time tracking

Admin panel shows real-time tracking of passengers and drivers for just safety purposes.

  • Generate reports

Admin panel can generate customized reports on each user to determine and understand the performance.

  • Ride history

Admin can see all the details and ride a history of both drivers and passengers for future reference.

  • Send notifications

Admin panel can send notifications to users to educate themselves about new offers and discounts.

  • Time fare settings

Admin can change the fare based on the time slabs and manage them.


What are the benefits of taxi dispatch software?

A taxi service business is not only in one country but it is all around the world.

The taxi service business becomes one of the strong industry across the world.

It is hard to manage all taxis and passengers manually for all taxi service business owners.

The transmission of the customer’s location and their details are misinterpreting, which leads to a lot of inconvenience for both the drivers and the passengers.

Taxi dispatch software ensures that it eliminates all the problems by providing a perfect solution that is capable enough to provide the dispatcher’s control by assigning to every customer.

Taxi dispatch software also helps to run the whole system smoothly and efficiently.


Benefits of taxi dispatch software

  • Enhanced booking frequency

A perfectly taxi system will increase the number of bookings.

GPS mapping based on location-based supports the real-time location of taxi help to book people to book taxi online which is inspire the customer occupancy rates to a higher extent.

  • Real-time tracking

It helps both drivers and passengers to be aware of each other’s location.

Real-time tracking ensures that the driver reaching the pick-up location at a time.

It will help companies to provide excellent services to customers and stands out from the competitors.

  • Increase in driver’s efficiency

Driver’s productivity and efficiency like behavior, pick a time, etc. must be managed and measure.

A taxi dispatch software allows businesses to monitor the driver’s performance, productivity and allow the user to leave feedback on the ride.

It helps businesses to identify the actual problems and make better the driver’s efficiency.

  • multi-payment option

A taxi dispatch software can’t miss this feature, a multi-payment option.

It allows users to make payments via different methods like a credit card, debit card, UPI payment, or another way of payment option.

  • Manual booking

It will help to manually assign bookings to the cab drivers in different ways.

  • Dispatch software received phone call/call-center
  • Un-assign a driver and assigning a new driver for booking manually
  • If auto dispatched has been failing, the booking can be managed by the central dispatcher.


  • Special zone management

Taxi dispatch software will provide taxi services companies to provide various locations that are known as a special zone for their customers.

The system will dispatch the request based on the position of the driver in the queen.

  • Pre-booking and scheduling

The software also provides the pre-booking feature which helps users to book a taxi in advance.

Users can also book and scheduling taxis for the next day.

  • Improve brand recognition

The high quality of the service and comforts increase the number of passengers which helps you to your brand recognition.

Always serve your users to quick and excellent ride, therefore it will be able to build trust and loyalty of your brand.


If you are in the taxi service business, then you must need taxi dispatch software to improve your service and build your brand trust and loyalty. Connect with a professional taxi dispatch software provider company to build your better taxi dispatch software.