Are you thinking about starting a car wash booking app?

But don’t know where and how to start?

Read this blog from start to end. In this blog, we discuss a definitive guide to build a car wash booking app in 2021. You will get all the information about starting a car wash booking business.

With the increase in the smartphone in the world, it makes the life of every people easier and simple in almost every field. In just a single mobile tap, people can book any services they want. It is all happened because of On-demand apps.

If you want to think about washing your car, you need to go to that place, where cars are washed, waiting for a long time, stand in line and waiting for your turn, may frustrate you. But the ultimate solution is to download an online car wash booking app and book your car wash appointment. A service provider comes to your home and washes your car.


Some stats and market size

The car wash service is used by 60% of USA people alone. The revenue of these services is very high. The car wash industry has increased to $800 million in 2017.

On average, there are $5.8 billion spent by USA people only on car wash.

The global car wash was approximately around $34.19 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach around $35.34 billion in 2020 and beyond.









How does the car wash app work?

  • First, the user login with the social media or email id.
  • Users can select the type of car wash at the time and place the order.
  • Based on the user’s location, request sent to nearby car wash service providers.
  • Then, car wash service providers accept the request.
  • When the service provider accepts the request, the user will notification of their accepted request.
  • The car wash service providers arrive at the user’s location as per schedule.
  • The service provider will take picture of the car before wash.
  • Then, the car washer washes the car as per requirement.
  • A post-wash car picture will take.
  • Users can track the progress of the car wash.
  • In the end, the user can give ratings to the car washer.


What are the features of the car wash app?

Customer panel

Login and signup

This is the most common feature we see in almost all apps. Users need to sign up and become a member of the app, it will make it easy for them to sign in any time. App owner allows user to sign up using social media account to save their time.

Custom pricing

App owners allow users to select services according to their needs and make payments according to selected services.

Monthly package

Business owners offer special and different service package offer to their loyal customers. Customers don’t have time to pay every time when they book a service. Therefore, car wash services offer them monthly, biannual or annual packages to their customers to choose. The payment will pay in advance by the customer and service will be available at any time according to the package.

Find nearby car washer

Customers can find nearby car washers using the app and choose one from the list of car washers.

Real-time tracking in car wash app

Using this feature, customers can track car wash service providers. It will make transparency between customers and car wash service providers. It has become one of the important features of the car wash app.

Chat and calling system

The app provides an inbuilt chat and calling system with the service providers. Customers can chat and call service providers when he/she stuck. This is the way to get in touch with the service provider via chat or calling directly through the app.

Multiple payment options

An app should offer customers different payment options. We all know that there are different online payment wallets are coming into the market, so you need to add multiple payment options for your customers. So they can make payment according to their comfort.

Cost estimation

Many customers keep their eye on the money they spent on car wash service. So there is a cost calculation feature which enables the customer to understand the price of each service. It will be helping them to add only those services which are necessary.

Selection of service

Customers must be able to select services from the list of services. It will enable them to select the services which are needed.

Placing of request

After selecting the services, the customer can be able to place a request for service directly from the app.


This is one of the most crucial features for all business owners. Customers can give ratings and write reviews based on their experience of services. It will give information to business owners about how is their customers thinking about them?

Car washer panel

Adding service location

A car washer can add his location in the app. Due to this, the car washer only serves customers which are in his location. All the service locations may centrally have managed in the app.

Receiving new request

The car washer will get a notification about the new request in his location.

Reject/accept a service request

Service provide either accept the request or reject the request based on their availability and convenience.

Upcoming car washing

The car washer can see upcoming washes in his dashboard.

Key request

A car washer needs to send an official and documented request for the car key through the app. The customer will get a push notification about the request.

Uploading picture

The service provider can upload a picture of the pre-wash and post-wash picture of the car directly through the app.

Service status update

Once the car wash service has been accepted or completed, the service provider can change the status in the app.

Car wash history

A car washer can see all the completed washes with dates in the app. The car washer can also find specific car wash services by filtering options.

Request for payment

Service providers will get the payment from the admin. Once the service provider reaches the fixed amount which is set in the app, then he can request the payment and get it.

Feedback from customers

A service provider can request a user for feedback after completed the service. Customers can give ratings and write reviews about the services they get.

Admin panel features


A well-designed makes it easier for app owners to manage the app’s activities from a remote location. This dashboard gives all the information about ongoing washes, upcoming washes, earning of washers, etc.

Registration of washer

When a new washer registers with the app, the admin can either accept or reject the request.

Creating car categories

Admin can create car categories and show them on the app for a car wash for various categories/types.

Creating a plan for car wash service

To stand out from another competitor in the market, an app owner can create multiple subscription plans for their customers. Each plan will be designed to have different categories, pricing according to the services they offered.

Payout request from the washer

Admin can set a time limit for washers to raise payout. Admin can approve the request or can put it on hold for any reason. If the request can be approved, the payout will be processed through the payment gateway.

Promotion management

Seasonal charges, surge pricing, and holiday hours are the option to have an admin to promote app usage. All are these promotions will be centrally managed with the dashboard.

Manage ratings and feedback

Feedback and reviews are helping to monitor the quality of washer service. Admin can monitor ratings and reviews which is given by users.

Push notification management

The push notification will help to improve engagement with users. Admin can set a number of notifications and set a time period to send notifications. Sometimes too many push notifications make app spam.

Customer support system

A better customer support system will help you to stand out from your competitors. Admin can create multiple customer support system modules in the app like call support, chat support, social media support, etc.


Which technologies used to build car wash app?

To develop a car wash app, there are many technologies which are flexible and scalable. Let’s see some of the best technology to build your car wash app.

  • Cloud: MySQL or amazon aurora
  • Location: Google place API and CLGeocoder
  • Android: kotlin or Java
  • IOS: Swift
  • Payment gateway: Stripe, PayPal, etc.
  • 2-factor authentication: Firebase
  • SMS and Email: Twilio and AWS SES
  • Real-time analytics: Google analytics
  • Push notifications: Firebase
  • Backend: Codeigniter, AngularJS, Node JS.


Which team required for your car wash app development?

You need a team for the smooth workflow of your car wash app.

Let’s see which team you need to run your car wash app smoothly.

  • Android app developers
  • IOS app developers
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Back-end developers
  • Front-end developers
  • QA checker


Benefits of car wash app

For customers

Instance and easy to access

An app owner can enable the customer to get access online as well as offline by offering a smooth flow of experience without any technical problem. The customer also enables booking car wash offline. Customers will see transactions when they are connected to the internet.

Write eye-catching content that matches with customer need

The app will provide data to their customer based on their need and the budget they set for their car wash. The app directly takes them on the page of service providers that fit their needs according to availability and geographical location.

Response rate

Your car wash app needs a quick response rate. It will be connecting car washers to customers quickly that are looking for the service. There are many car washers who have their own website, it may take time to respond. But the app quick solution for your customers.

Send request for multiple car service

Customers can send a request for more than one car at a time. Customers can manage all the bookings in the app for any number of cars.

Offers and discounts

The app also provides information about offers and discounts to its customers on the app. It enables users to make their best decision about buying the package they want to purchase.


A customer has clear information about the services which is provided by service providers. This will help customers to select the best services from the list.

For service provider

Enable to eliminate the inconvenience

Car wash helps service providers to build a good reputation in the market. Positive word of mouth will help service providers to build a good relationship in a particular location. The review and feedback online provided by customers will help them to grow online.

Maximizing their efficiency

While rising of on-demand apps, the service providers are able to understand the need of their customers. They have noted what their customers like about their services.


The business model 

The concept is of car wash app booking business very effective for the business owners who are in car wash service business. For that, we need to understand the different types of car wash apps that users use.

Let’s see the different types of car wash apps.

The aggregator app

It is a standalone business model of a car wash app. The application provides a well-designed platform where business owner advertises their service so the customer can find the best service provider. The capital cost for the business owner is app development cost.

The dedicated app

The business owner thinks they getting their services personalized via a dedicated app. This is a good option for business owners. Car wash business owner can get benefit from the dedicated app such as,

  • Enlargement of overall ROI.
  • Deliver services at the time to the customers.
  • Help to increase customer engagement ratio.
  • Customers enable to select different services they need.


The revenue model 

Primary revenue source

The primary revenue source of the business is to collect money from the customer by washing their cars. The revenue is depending on the type of car and the type of service that customers choose.

Secondary revenue source


Car wash booking app and website advertise banners and ads of other relevant companies. These ads will help another website to get traffic from this website.


It is a great way for the business owner to generate side revenue. They can sell products related to their service on the website and app. It will drive traffic for not just get services but also buy products.


Every city or state needs a car wash service place. It is the opportunity to reach every corner of the world by selling franchises. You need to mention information about how much area is needed, location, expected ROI, etc. so people who want to invest in business have a clear idea. It became a huge source of revenue for your car wash website and app.


How much cost does it take to develop a car wash app?

It is difficult to figure out the exact cost to develop a car wash app. It is depending on the location of app developers, the platform you select, feature you want to add.

Hourly rate of development cost in a different location:

US-based developers: $50-$250 per hour

Eastern Europe based developers: $30-$150 per hour

Indian based developers: $20-$80 per hour

Technical cost of car wash app:

Technical documentation: $1000-$2500

UX/UI design: $1500-$3500

The back-end and front-end development: $9000-$14000

QA and testing: $4000-$5000

According to the above information, the approximate cost of developing a car wash app is around $15000 to $20000.


Key market players

  • WashOS
  • Wype
  • Spiffy
  • Qweex
  • Dinowash
  • Washify



Car wash app becoming on-demand and most beneficial business model for new entrepreneurs and who are in car wash service. You can build your app on your own if you have a dedicated and professional development team. Otherwise, you can hire a Professional App Development Company that can turn your idea into reality.

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