Developing a Food delivery apps like Ubereats make our life hassle-free. Even all these on-demand food delivery apps like Ubereats, Zomato, Swiggy, Talabat, Orderat and GrubHub are Best online food delivery platforms in 2020 where any user can easily order their favorite food and get immediate on their doorstep, just like that.
It’s simple if you are a low budget restaurant or a big one whose franchise are all over the country.
if you don’t provide an online food delivery option then you are missing out at least 30%-40% increase in sales.
All these online food delivery apps are already successful in this field.

Not only restaurants but most of the varieties of eaters such as bakeries are also in this business, they are also using this app.

Through this app, we can easily order our food from anywhere and get it on our doorstep in just a few minutes.

Plenty of options are available here so you can go for anyone.

This business has a wide platform with full of opportunities. So if you are planning to jump into this business then first please understand a few basics facts and how much it cost to build a food delivery app. Meanwhile here is Worldwide Online Food Delivery Growth Statics, just have a look:
Worldwide Online Food Delivery Sector Growth Statistics 2020:

You can see how it’s growth increase year by year. With the survey, it clearly shows that 93% offer takeout, 66% doing third-party delivery, 55% with their own delivery options, and 20% offering drive-thru. More than 90% of the user’s online orders and they are doing 3-4 times in a week.
Now, first, we need to discuss the Challenges Startups are facing while a Starting Online food delivery business like ubereats then will discuss in detail about the cost to develop a food delivery app like ubereats and here it is:

Challenges While Starting a new Food Delivery Startups Business:

  1. Competition – Here the biggest challenge for an entrepreneur who wants to build a food delivery app like ubereats is that already the market is full of competitors. There are so many food delivery apps are in the market and among them Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy, Talabat and orderat all are killing the market, users love them. In that case. you have to offer them something unique, something different such as UI/UX.
  2. Finding Restaurants – It’s really such a difficult task is going to be as you have to manage with some least established restaurants because you need to start from somewhere. So here it is, it will take time to establish the business.
  3. Stable UI/UX between All Panels – It is most the difficult part for the company who is going to design this but provides the users the facilities to see different screens. It’s a combination of mix design and movement.
  4. Company Who Make this App for you – Now it’s something we also need to discuss here because it is very necessary that we get the app development company in our budget. And also meet our requirements because the correct team can do amazing things which help us to make our identity in this on-demand food delivery app market.
Deciding the MVP Features – Deciding MVP also makes a huge impact on the food delivery app development cost. It depends on your development of the food delivery app agency to choose which MVP features are best for your app. It helps to raise money for your business.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Food Delivery App like UberEats:

build an app like ubereats

  • Generally, the food delivery app development cost & estimation depends on the list of on-demand food delivery features and the functionality which we included in the app. You can hire a mobile app developer who can do this for you. From the research it came to know that to create a food delivery app like ubereats will cost you around $3,000 to $10,000 in India and if you are looking for Ready-made Food delivery app clone like ubereats clone script it will cost you around $1500 to $3500 USD.
  • Similarly, If you want to hire top app development company in usa, UK or Canada it will charge $20,000 to $50000 in the USA. But if you want to add advanced features then it will cost around $50,000 to $100,000.
  • The cost charged for creating a food delivery app like ubereats includes all the things wireframe design, UX/UI design, App development of android and iOS version of the app, it includes app testing, deployment and live successfully. So basically you will get a full app development package in which your app gets ready.
After the cost to create a food delivery app like ubereats we need to focus on components that are a very important factor in this.

What You Will Get – Components of  Food Delivery App Development:

There are four main components which we need to focus when we are planning to build a food delivery app which is as follows:

  • Customer Side
  • Restaurant Side
  • Delivery Side
  • Admin Side

With the help of these four elements, the app can function together in a proper manner.

  1. Customer Side -Here customers log in to the app and search for the restaurants, and when they got their favorite one they order food from there. After that, they pay the charged amount and ordered placed from that particular app. If customers like the food then he will leave review also.
  2. Restaurant Side – Restaurant when login into the app they first accept the order placed by a customer through an app and then able to see the customer’s profile. Restaurant have rights to accept or declined the order. Customer’s review really matters a lot here for them.
  3. Delivery Side – Delivery boy delivered orders food ordered through the app. They can track all the orders whatever they get from the customer when they login to the app. They can also accept and reject orders. App also shows them there pending and completed orders, so that they can complete their orders on time. It shows them Geolocation through which they can deliver the food on the right address easily and fast.
  4. Admin Side – Here admin manage all the activities of the users and collects all the data entered by the users and the restaurants.

After the components,it’s time to know the features used to create a food delivery app like ubereats, Talabat.

Top Features in Food Delivery App development:

  • They are 24×7 available. Needs to check the timing of restaurants only.
  • Easy Options are available for payment getways like Paytm, Gpay, PayPal, net banking, cash, card, etc.
  • It’s just not showing the different food but giving us the options like breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner from our nearby restaurant lists. And least but mot last there is a separate section for beverages also.
  • Easily reorder the food whenever you want.
  • Coupons and discounts are also available so that pretty much good cashback can be earned.
  • If you like the food you can give a review on that also and if you are facing some issues then you can directly contact the customer support also.
  • Easy to track your food.

Food Delivery App like UberEats feature list

Advance Feature List for Food delivery App:

  • Dashboard
  • Add Restaurant/List of Restaurant
  • Add Cuisines/List of Cuisines
  • Delivery People
  • Promocodes
  • Restaurant Banner
  • Notice Board
  • Add Users/List of Users
  • Email Templates
  • Site Settings

How Does A Food Delivery App Make Money:

  • Delivery Charges – The app can generate revenue from delivering the food, in this case, restaurants don’t have their delivery man. So delivery charges are fixed according to the location.
  • Peak Hours – This app can make extra income by charging an extra amount of money at a peak time such as in the lunch or dinner. Food items are limited and locations are also certain to deliver on those timing. On those timings, if customer want to order food then they have to pay extra charges for that.
  • Advertising – For extra income app provide advertisement facilities. Here restaurants have to have some amount for advertising on an app through which when users visit the app they can see firstly your restaurant. Swiggy and UberEats they are also charging fees for advertising.
  • Commission Percentage–When you are providing any facilities then you can charge for it. When you build a food delivery app that helps to increase the business of restaurants then it charges a certain amount of commission that is taken for each order.Whenever users order any food a certain amount of commission will be deducted from their amount a go-to food delivery app’s account.

How A Food Delivery Apps Works:

Cost to Develop Food Delivery App like UberEats, Talabat


Here are some basic details which need to be kept in mind while you are creating a Food Delivery App because It is necessary for you to know how it works in an appropriate way.
  1. Login:It has access to the control page where users can sign up or login directly with their email address, Facebook, or any social media account or by using their mobile number as an OTP. Here we are talking about both customers and restaurants, both need to register in this app and need to provide their details.
  2. Location: It allows searching the restaurant on the basis of the user’s location. It shows the nearest restaurant in that area and also provides the facilities to browse the map and select their desired location.
  3. Homepage: Here are selected restaurants list, now users need to select the restaurant according to their preference, and then the users are on their preferred restaurant page.
  4. Menu: Here you can see the details of that particular selected restaurant such as their dishes, contact details, review about their food and services.
  5. Cart: Here you can see what items you have selected. If you want to add any item you can add and if you want to delete anything then from here you can do that also. Total cost you can see here and get the idea that how the amount is calculated. One can also apply coupons here if any there is any availability of that.
  6. Payment: Now, one will be directed to the payment page, here you have various options available. Such as Net banking, Gpay, Paytm, PayPal, Card, cash whatever you want.
  7. Acceptance or Decline: Restaurants have the authority to accept or reject any order if they want. So it’s necessary that restaurants are accepting the orders then only the whole process can work, if in any case, they are not ready to accept the offer, in that case, there is no order. Not all the restaurants offer home delivery offers so in that case they will not allow for this order but in some cases, they allow take away booking online. So in this customer can online book their order and at a particular time, they can come to collect their order from the respective restaurants.
  8. Tracking Details:Now payment is done and order is placed here first restaurant confirm that they accept your order then after the approval you can keep track on your food. Where it is or in what time it will be delivered to you. You can directly contact the delivery boy also to know the exact location of your food. With the help of tracker one can keep an eye on their food always.
  9. Rating: One can give a rating to delivery boy and also add feedback for the restaurant.
  10. Online Support: One can also get online support 24×7. If users have any problem, then they can easily connect to the customer support staff by chat option o they can email also.

So, what are you waiting for go and get all the opportunities available thereby build a food delivery app.

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